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Buy E-Liquid / E-Juice with nicotine in Norway / Norge

We know that's generally prohibited to import E-Liquid with nicotine to Norway, but we also know that many norwegian vapers want to get them.

For personal use, the import from EU-Countries is allowed. But sometimes customs don't know this. To prevent any problems, we offer you the following service.

We ship your orders of nicotine containing E-Liquid fast and safe to Norway...

To prevent trouble with customs, you may choose our special shipping service. This free service will be hide the content of nicotine in several ways.

What we do?

1) We relabel the bottles to "Artificial flavours" to hide the content of nicotine, of course also at the list of ingredients. See images below (first shows original label, second shows hidden label). 


The nicotine strength is shown by the number after the name of flavour. (none = 0mg, #9 = 9 mg, #18 = 18mg)

2) We change the invoice and declaration for customs to "Artificial flavours" too.

3) We take a private address for senders-address.

With these steps we can be ensure, that you get your nicotine containing E-Liquid without any problems.


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