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Product Information E-Liquid / E-Juice

In the following we would like to inform you in more detail about the liquid brands that you can find in our shop.

brand_sc58e68c91ab939SC Liquid by InnoCigs
The SC line of the well-known company InnoCigs is produced and filled in the EU.

All SC E-Liquids and their raw materials are produced under the strictest quality controls in the EU. The entire manufacturing process, up to delivery, is carried out completely in compliance with all templates of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The manufacturer is certified according to the ISO standard.

The SC E-Liquids contain:
60% propylene glycol (PG), 40% glycerine (VG), under 10% water, flavours and if necessary nicotine, in your chosen strength.

mistervapeMistervape E-Liquid
The Lower Saxony-based manufacturer of our Juices has been producing high-quality e-liquids under the highest quality and control standards since 2011. Production and filling, for example, takes place under clean room conditions.

All components of Mistervape E-Liquids come from the EU and are of pharmaceutical and/or food quality.

The Mistervape E-Liquids contain:
55% propylene glycol (PG), 35% glycerine (VG), 10% water, flavours and nicotine if applicable, in your chosen strength.

logo_ultrabio-300x75Ultrbio E-Liquid
Ultrabio E-Liquids are of outstanding quality and are produced and bottled in Germany.

The manufacturer works according to ISO 9001 and 13485, FSCC 22000, GMP and HACCP and is certified accordingly.

Ultrabio E-Liquid is 100% quality Made in Germany.
All raw materials are sourced from Germany and are of pharmaceutical quality.

The Ultrabio E-Liquids contain:
50% propylene glycol (PG), 50% glycerine (VG), flavours and if necessary nicotine, in your chosen strength.

In principle, the following applies to all liquid products offered by us;

Free of dyes, oils and diacetyl
100% compliant with the EU Tobacco Directive
Bottled in high-quality PET bottles with thin dropper tip and childproof cap.